Everything Will Be Okay

I have no clue why, but all of my stuff is dying this year. My TV died, my laptop’s hard drive killed itself, my PS2 died, and my step-dad’s laptop can’t stay on for five minutes without overheating. I got so bored one time, that I solved a rubiks cube. You can’t do that if you’re having fun…

On the way to my dad’s house, we have to pass by the old house. When we got to the intersection on Hampton, we noticed a crowd of people fighting in the gas station near our old place. A cop pulled up, driving right over the curb, opened their doors and pulled out their guns. My dad stepped on the gas, swerving around other cars to make sure we wouldn’t be the victim of a stray bullet. I’m glad we don’t live across the street from the anymore.

I took a picture of the livingroom window at my dad’s. I took it at about 7:00, a little bit after we got home. I had to battle with the blinds just so I could take the picture. The sacrifices I make… Anyway, the picture wouldn’t load last night, so I’ll have to post it Monday.

We figured out my dad has something wrong with his brain! The neurologist called him and told him that part of his brain is dead due to lack of blood flow when his artery collapsed. That explains his recent memory loss.

Also,I found another one of Dan Hertzfeldt’s animations. This is one of his more serious ones. The animation is about Bill, an everyday man harboring a mental illness.  The film follows him through his daily life, telling you his thoughts while he’s doing certain things. Slowly, as a result of his treatment and over-thinking life, Bill goes insane and gets ill. After watching this, I looked at life a little differently. I noticed how we take our daily routine for granted and how much our life is, in fact, just a routine. At first, the film seems really boring and meaningless, but after you watch it for a while, it sort of draws you in.

Someone commented,

“Is it the illness? Or is it the constantly attentive perception of his life and the world around him, and the nagging feeling that life is a horribly strange, dehumanizing, isolating, and pointless experience that brought about psychosis in Bill? I think Bill thought too much about his life and routine, and experienced anxiety and psychosis over the absurdity of life. Footage of a man’s face bleeding played over and over on tv, a manatee watching him while he slept. Insanity in every day life.”

I guess you could call it educational, because a little while ago we had to write a story about a day in another man’s shoes and this fits perfectly.

But don’t watch it now. It’s, like, 20 minutes long and it doesn’t make sense if you watch 30 seconds in the middle, or even 30 seconds in the beginning.



Yesterday was not a productive day for me. I sat around watching youtube videos all day. In that time, I figured out that I want to become an animator. I don’t know why I suddenly want to do that, but Emily says I should build on that idea. My dad is a graphic designer so I’m thinking he could help me with that. Even though I have more important stuff to worry about, that’s something I want to do: Make an animation. I could make stupid little animations like this. Skip to 0:33.

This is Why Divorce Rates Are Going Up

First off, my mom is an idiot when it comes to computers. I can’t even help her anymore because I have no patience.

Anyway… just… this is how the argument went:

Karl:”There’s f*ckin’ paper plates…”

Me: “So?”

Karl: ” Why are you using the glass plates?!”

Me: “Because they’re there to be used…?”

Karl: “That’s what paper plates are f*cking there for!”

Mom: “Watch your language!”

And I’m here thinking, Lady, you swear because you’re cold or because you can’t figure out how to copy and paste. He, like, never swears unless he’s really mad. So while they’re sitting there arguing about plates, I turned on the computer and started writing this.

Who cares if I used a glass plate to make a hot pocket? They’ll get used eventually.

This is why the divorce rates are going up. STOP USING PLATES TO SAVE MARRIAGES !

Whoever Thought Music Was A Good Idea Should Be Loved

Music is amazing. There is probably a song for every single good or bad situation out there.

You know you love life when you have basically been given the middle finger by everyone and everything, yet you still keep smiling and keep trying. I finally got all of my homework done for once! I never thought I was going to say that… and I found out my brother was bragging about my WKCE scores to all of his friends. Apparently he was saying how amazed and proud he was.

It’s nice to have a day of just listening to music and not caring what the world thinks of you. I solved a rubiks cube. Don’t believe me because I don’t have a picture? I don’t care. I know I did it, but I guarantee you I couldn’t do it again if I tried. Anyway, my point is, not caring what people think about you and just focusing on what you need to do (not anyone else’s problems) is the key to happiness. I’m not saying, forget about everyone else and be a butt about everything, I’m simply saying don’t try to make everyone else happy. It is not possible and if you look at it this way then you think like: “Oh, they hate me?  Who cares. Oh I made her day? Aw I feel special.” My mom said thinking like that doesn’t work because she tried it. Apparently she tried not caring. No, she tried not caring about the filth she lives in. That’s different.

Another thing I found out during this… exciting year, is that when you think, at least for me, you start to think about the bad things. I have no clue how, but find someway to turn that around.  It was weird, yesterday morning I seriously thought, “Maybe something good will happen after all of this.” By ‘this’ I mean:

  • My mom being… a wenis (like the thing on your elbow, not anything that relates to Lady Gaga)
  • My dad’s artery collapsing
  • My brother’s accident
  • Emily’s break up
  • Craig’s heart attack
  • Relationship drama…
  • Craig and Kelly’s divorce
  • My laptop’s hard drive killing itself
  • Being forced to live at my mom’s

Believe it or not, all of that effects me.  It has almost nothing to do with the events themselves, but the order in which they occur. Getting back onto the subject, I had a happy, non-depressing thought that wasn’t about Jenna Marbles! Wow I just lost my train of thought… “I Like to Move it, Move it” came on Pandora.

Random good things that have happened this year:

  • My dad moved to a better neighborhood
  • My brother’s still alive and remembers me
  • Emily and I have gotten so much closer. It’s awesome.
  • I got my guitar and am teaching myself
  • I have a neighbor who is helping me with art
  • My dad really loves us
  • My dad got a new job offer! It’s closer, pays more, and the boss is more lenient
  • My friends happened :)

Facebook and murf.E

Another one of my family members is in the hospital this morning. Craig had a heart attack yesterday after eating at a restaurant. This year has been exciting.

I’m pretty sure that once everyone has the timeline profile, no one will like Facebook anymore. They will all resort to twitter and blogging. Soon, Facebook will be the new Myspace and Myspace… well, it’ll be in the same category as pagers and phones with cords. I think television is slowly dying off as well. I could survive without TV, but as soon as you take my internet away, I’m lost. I might actually be forced to crawl out of my house and see sunlight.

These past few days I’ve sat on my butt on done nothing but work on my WWII collage. When I was cleaning out my locker, I accidentally threw the whole packet away, so now I’m going to look like a loner when I don’t turn it in.

Also, check out my other 5 zillion blog posts below.(You don’t have to, Mr. Skonecki.)  They are from this weekend when I had nothing better to do and I could think. I could actually get on my step dad’s laptop, which happens only once in a lifetime in my house. My parents are too bust playing their online poker and looking for concert tickets we can’t afford. And another thing: My parents bought electronic cigarettes, yet they still smoke. IN THE HOUSE. I swear, they’re trying to kill me.

And, just to say something random, I’d like to show you guys murf.E. (I know him through Emily and Becca.) He makes techno music and all of that fancy stuff. Check him out and show him some love. (The “Come Sail Away” remix is pretty awesome too!)

Thinking, Cheating, and Emily

During these past few hours of game playing and chip eating, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’ve been thinking about how much easier it would be if I lived at my dad’s. Though he lives on the very edge of the north side of Milwaukee and driving to and from the south side everyday would be difficult, I still think it would do everyone good mentally. I have no problem doing homework at my dad’s or any other place that isn’t that depressing house. I would walk to the library to do my homework, as long as someone would come with me. I’m dependent like that. But that wouldn’t work out due to the fact that my brother goes to a different school, therefore he gets out at a later time and is too far away from the library to walk. And he really can’t walk right now. Obviously.

When I’m thinking about stuff, I usually listen to music. After searching through all of the 20 songs on my phone, I found Billionaire, and figured out that the base line is really cool. Next time you go on youtube or something, plug in your headphones and press them into your ears so you can hear the base better. It’s amazing. Both Emily and I agree that only the best songs have awesome base lines.

Another thing I do when I think is talk to Emily. She’s awesome, thinks just like me, and is a lot of help when I have a problem. I hate it that I barely get to see her now… But whatever, we still talk and I’m still her little sister.

I’ve also (I don’t know why I was thinking about this) thinking about ways to cheat.* A good example is using the newspaper nail design. Instead of putting useless words on your nails, you could put answers on them. You’d either have to be able to read backwards or flip the text around.  This would have come in handy when we had the preamble quiz. But I obviously didn’t use that because I failed and don’t give a crap about my nails.

I had more I thought of, but I got distracted. I’ll add them later, hopefully by Monday.

*I have not used nor tested these methods in any way. I am not responsible if you get caught or if your student uses this methods to make them seem smart when they’re actually really stupid. Cheating is wrong. DON’T do it.*

Emo hair is gone

I finally got a haircut! Now I can actually see! My hair no longer makes me look like an oddball emo kid. Linda cut my bangs a little different this time so now they will be flippy. I love flippy hair. It’s all flippy and such.

I hope in a few months I will have enough money to dye my hair a little darker, because I hate blonde hair. It makes me feel like an idiot. On a positive note, when people see you, their standards for your intelligence are automatically lowered. Therefore, when you say something sophisticated, everyone is surprised and wants to be friends with you.

Anyway, I was supposed to go to an appointment at 2:30 today for a followup on my ADD problem, but somebody didn’t fax in the forms. Now my mom is furious and I have to listen to her complain and complain and complain…. you get the point? Now we have to wait a month before I get ADD help. I’m hopeless. Now I’ll have to spend another year with Mr. Skonecki and all of the eight grade under achievers.

Am I really blogging on a day we don’t have school? Yes I am. I think I’m starting to like blogging. It’s like an online journal… that everyone can see.

While I’m on the subject of school, I think WKCE test scores should be the only thing that determines whether or not you pass a grade. The actual homework grades shouldn’t count because school is there to teach you things and make you smart. Test scores accurately determine if your smart, while grades don’t. Grades only tell you if you do homework or not. Also, I cleaned out my locker the other day. I was finding finished assignments from the beginning of the year that I never turned in . It was almost as exciting as getting reunited with your parents after being lost in a grocery store.

You know what? I just thought of something.

Then I forgot it.

The end.

I’m not the only one who thinks Jenna is awesome

I managed to stumble upon this post about Jenna Marbles being  equal to, or greater than, Jesus. This proves that other people, apart from myself, beleive Jenna is almost always right. She gets the point across in a funny way and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Sure, that can be bad in some cases… but that’s besides the point.

Anyway, Here’s the post.


The chick who wrote that is awesome. Jus’ sayin. If you look at her blog you can get a virtual hug. Now while I’m forced to post every day for school, I can actually read something interesting when I’m done.


Why are all of these songs stuck in my head?


Orphan Tears

Zombie Love Song

Puppet Break Up

Friend Zone

I can’t get these songs out of my head. They… just… won’t… get out. They’re all stuck in my head at the same time too. But they actually go well together, much like pickles and fairy poop.

Your Favorite Martian is coming out with a new music video in a week because they’re beast like that. They are  the best cartoon band ever.

Summer school is going to be fun isn’t it? *Sigh*

I think my hair actually smells good today. That is a major accomplishment for me. Whenever I come to school, my hair and clothes smell like smoke and dog butt.

I am attempting to learn the Zombie Love Song guitar solo. I already know the acoustic part. Think I can do it? Neither do I.

Sexual Wednesday!