I’m looopy todaaaaaaay… because it’s S[PECIAL] WEDNSDAY!

I await the day when Mr. Skonecki asks what s[pecial] means…


When her video, “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”, went viral, Jenna’s boss at Barstool Sports tried to sell her on ebay! The highest bid got to a total of $75 before they had to take it down.

Yes, she IS funny. You just have to watch her videos on your free time. They’re funnier when they’re not clean. That doesn’t sound right, maybe I should rephrase that. Oh well, I’m not going to because I’m lazy.

Emily has convinced me to join the swim team next year! I guess it’s official… sorta. Emily, Becca and I are going to become the bestest friends EVER. :D 

Emily and I have become really close in the past few days. Becca and I have become closer too. Everything gets better when you grow up. <— Wise word from Miloh and my magical unicorn.

I think I neeeeeed a naaaap. I’m getting weirrd… even for meeeee.

P.S. The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the tiiiime…


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