Cousins and Injuries

On Saturday, my grandma brought me up to my cousin’s house to spend the night. The day seemed unusually long. Ashley dragged me around the house, showing me her toys, even though I’ve only seen them a billion times before. Ricky and Ashley started fighting, so I was free for a few minutes. When I was writing stuff for my blog, my cousin wanted to play doctor with me.That was my whole day, playing doctor.

Night came, and I watched my brother and Ricky play Monopoly until one in the morning.

During this time, I ran into some problems with the world’s cutest couple. It makes it really hard to try to fix things when the two feuding are my brother and my best friend…

On Sunday, my grandma forced us all to come to church, the we met up with Katie at the Mineshaft. After we ate, Ashley and Ricky started bickering again, which ended with Ricky pulling Ashley’s hood and slamming her head into the table.  Fun.

When we were at Katie’s, Dexter, Ashley, Ricky, and I played tackle football in the living room. Later, we chased Dexter around with a toy gun and stole all of his candy. We’re the meanest cousins ever. Then we went to pet the baby chickens my sister is raising in her garage.

Chickens don’t like me. End of story. One of them kept squawking at me, so I picked it up and said, “Hey there, we’re going to feed you and make you nice and fat so we can chop your head off and eat you!” The stupid thing shut up after that. I think I speak chicken. 

Now no mater how many times I wash my clothes, they still smell like chicken. Like farm chicken, not the food chicken.

Overall it was fun, but as soon as I stepped into my mom’s house, all my happy thoughts died. I swear, that place is just a a black hole on a map.

There was a bunch of funny stuff I wanted to add, but my happy thoughts are enjoying their time in the afterlife.

Also, someone suggested that I go to school with a Jenna Marbles mustache on, so I updated my status and said for 15 likes I would do it. Not enough people liked it… thank god.


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