An explanation of random things

I feel like posting a video of me ranting about random stuff on youtube. I live on youtube, so I might as well contribute, right? The thing is I don’t have a camera or money to buy one. Wonderful.

I’ve always been interested in making and editing videos, especially since my brother’s such a computer nerd. I know, it looks like I want nothing to do with computers because of how thrilled I am to do video projects for class. I love making videos, hate macs and outdated imovie.

I used to have video editing software on my computer, but once I got my laptop, the only computer in my house became the “family” computer. Only my step-dad uses it though, because everyone has a laptop and my mom is using his. The point is, I don’t have video editing software on my laptop and Jason can’t find the CD.

I think I have about 4 different youtube accounts, none of which I know the password for. I’m actually in the process of deleting them… somehow.Anyway, I have one I use to comment on videos, the other one is for uploads. I obviously haven’t uploaded a video yet, but I plan too…

I lost my train of though now. Stupid ADD…

I don’t care if you don’t think I have ADD. I have some sort of attention problem. It makes me say things without thinking, (Not like the “I hate you! Wait, I didn’t mean that!” way, but in a sort of spontaneous way. Like I won’t think about if something I may say is offensive or something.)

It makes me have a really short attention span. It’s so short, that I never finish anything. If I try to learn a song, do a page of homework, or play a video game, I won’t finish it. Stuff gets boring so fast that I lose…. see like right there, my brain kind of… stalled. It went of thinking about different scenarios and I lost my train of thought. Now I might as well talk about something else.

The fact that every paragraph before this starts with “i” bothers me. It annoys me. I hate the letter “i”, but its unavoidable. It’s in almost every word in the English language. That letter can go die in a hole, a big freakin hole.

My little cousin is sitting next to me and distracting me. Little things distract me. The drop of a pin can distract me. Yet I can’t work without background noise. If it is silent, I’ll get distracted my the silence ringing in my ear.

I lost my train of though again. This whole post has just been what I was thinking about in my head. Notice how I can’t stay on one subject? This post started out being about posting videos on youtube. Now I’m talking about my brain and how much I hate the letter “i”. I’ll probably add more to this later; my cousin wants to play doctor with me.


Have you ever had that moment where you thought, “Hey, this is your girlfriend speaking… I was wondering if you could pay attention to me?” All of us who have had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) have thought that. If your girlfriend or boyfriend seems like they don’t love you anymore or isn’t paying attention to you, talk to them. Maybe they just don’t have time for a relationship right now, but they still love you and want to claim you as theirs. You guys are supposed to stay with each other through thick and thin, right?


It’s about one in the morning, and I just had a long conversation with my aunt about ADD. I discovered that my cousin, Ricky, was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6. My uncle also had ADHD. With this being said, I can now prove to my mom that it is very possible I have ADD because it’s genetic. My aunt also said that my mom probably has it, but because she’s a moron she’ll never believe anybody if they tell her that.

So because I’m calm right now I’ll make a list of what ADD does to me:

  • I’ll say things without thinking about it.
  • I can’t focus on anything long enough, therefore I start things without finishing them.
  • Multi-step directions are confusing to me.
  • I can’t stop fidgeting.
  • My mind will go off on several separate paths after something is said. Like things that relate to the subject, but not directly. Because of this, I am very creative, but cannot focus long enough to get those great ideas out.

It is unimaginably hard to write the thesis paper, for example. I can’t stay on one topic in my writing. And due to my short attention span,I haven’t finished it and  it hasn’t been turned in on time.

I don’t think going to a behavioral therapist will help, but I don’t think meds are necessary. My aunt said that she had Ricky on natural supplements that helped with the chemical imbalance.



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