I’m Kim

Amelia is sick today. I am Kim.

Ha, no I’m not silly, I’m just sitting in her spot because she’s not here and it seemed lonely.

I am now realizing how much Jenna Marbles and I think alike. Though I can’t state the reasons on here, I will say we have the guts to say stuff that other girls might think is to rude to say.

Caring is creepy. My motto, EMBRACE YOUR INNER CREEPY.

I almost died this morning! We almost got t-boned by a semi… That would’ve hurt.

Iiii think I’m gong to cry if I can’t go to Playlist live. I would do anything to go.

It is no longer,”What would you do for a klondike bar?” but rather “What would you do to spend a day with Jenna Marbles?”. My answer: I’d actually do my homework, respect my mom, and be Ally’s personal slave for a week. 

I need mental help.


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