Have you ever had that awkward moment when you thought Friday was Saturday, so Saturday and Sunday seemed like Sunday and Monday, and Monday seemed like Tuesday, and you come into school the next day only to realize that it is not S[pecial] Wednesday, but only Tuesday and Jenna isn’t coming out with a new video? No? I guess that’s just me. Disappointment.

My feet smell like hands today. Yeah, that’s right. I know what I said.

My mom didn’t let me stay at my dad’s all day Friday. It would have been simpler, made life easier. Disappointment.

On Saturday… I can’t remember what I did Saturday. All I remember is that I spent the whole day in my monkey pajamas working on drawing Jenna Marbles to send to her as fan art. Halfway through my drawing, I spilled hot chocolate on it. No, let me rephrase that; I knocked over my full cup of hot chocolate on my whole freakin’ sketch pad. Now I’m just left with my s[pecial] letter I wrote to her. No drawing for you, Ms. Marbles. Disappointment.

I remember what I did on Saturday. My dad’s friend, Klaus, fell out of the attic in his garage and refused to go to the hospital after experiencing severe headaches, chest pain, the inability to move his right arm, and trouble breathing. I’m not surprised. He’s German. My dad was called over to try to convince him that he needed to get checked out. That only took three hours. It turns out that when he fell, he broke eight ribs on his right side. They were really close to puncturing his lungs. Klaus was stubborn about his health. Expected disappointment.

On Sunday, I just hung out with my dad and brother in the garage blasting Foo Fighters. We just sat there and talked and it was fun. Somehow. No disappointment there.

Yesterday my grandma came back from Arizona! She’s only staying for ten days, unfortunately. My mom and step-dad have to go over to her house for dinner tonight… Disappointment. But if I can stay on my moms good side, my grandma plans on taking me to sleep over at my cousin Ricky’s house on Friday night. After that she wants to take me to see my sister, Katie, and maybe head up north to Benson’s. I highly doubt that will happen, though. My mom and brother got into a fight that resulted in his laptop and phone getting taken away. I have to say he kind of deserved it. But then again, he really didn’t. Disappointment.

I still don’t think my mom will let me live at my dad’s, either. I hate my mom’s house. It’s just a black hole on a map. Happy thoughts and enjoyment get sucked into it and you never get it back. Disappointment.

I can’t wait for Wednesday. I need Jenna to cheer me up. I really, really, REALLY want to go to Florida for Playlist Live to meet her and a bunch of other youtubers, but if you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of broke and I can’t miss school to spend a week in Florida. If one of my AMAZING friends would be willing to help me raise money and buy tickets and book a hotel room and take me with them, that would be great. But with my luck, that won’t happen. With my luck, Jenna Marbles won’t write back to my letter. I even drew a little narwhal in the bottom corner. You can’t get much cooler than that.

I’m also pretty sure that I have the best dad in the world. He has agreed to custom paint my guitar. He custom painted cars when he was actually young, so why can’t he paint guitars now? Exactly. I want him to paint it to match his car somehow. Because I love purple. And cars. And Chargers. And guitars. And my amazing dad.

Playlist Live:



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