Say Grr!

My mom is driving me insane. First I give her money to spend on an ipod for me, then she spends it on something else and I don’t get the ipod. Then she loses a bunch of important papers from the doctor. Grr.

I can’t think. At all. If you say something, a bunch of different scenarios will be running through my mind all at once. That’s why I think I have ADD. Grr.

I can’t sit still either. Grr.

I didn’t know divorces get so ugly. Grr.

Despite all the “grr”s I’m still in a good mood and I can’t figure out why. I feel like giving [almost] everyone love pokes and hugs. Grr.

I added a lame people category. Mr. Skonecki is the only one in it. ^.^


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