The Past

I’m not here today, I know. Don’t get all mad at me.

So I was rummaging around in my room, and I found some old pictures of Jason and I. My step-dad said,  “You guys were so cute… what happened?”

I said, “I think you got ugly and it rubbed off on us.”  ^.^

I’ve been in a happy mood for four days straight. That’s unusual for me.

During Chloe’s episode yesterday, I mangaged to draw a picture of a teddy bear with a broken leg and crutches, for Jason… on the back of my science homework. I think I have a great excuse why it’s not done, though. I got into the shower and when I came back, I saw the paper in my mouses’ cage getting munched on. Then my mom managed to drop purple frosting on it. My homework is so abused… and lonely.



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