Don’t Read This

What did I do this weekend? NOTHING.

Let’s see: on Saturday I was at my dad’s house. Steve came over and brought steak and soda, so we could celebrate Jason’s birthday. Steve, being who he is, bought himself the biggest steak he could find, while only  buying us the smallest ones. -.-

After a few hours, my dad and Steve started watching this movie about cars. They tried to make me watch it with them, but I don’t care much for car movies with a bunch of men…

Then while I was on the phone, they kept trying to yell at Ally. Not fun.

On Sunday, Jason’s birthday, I got him a giant bag of skittles and $20. He gave me a hug and people tried to take a picture.

They’ve never seen us hug before. That would’ve been an embarrassing picture.

My fingers are raw, because I didn’t nothing but play guitar ALL WEEKEND.

I learned how to play this song!


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