Forget school.

I’ve had nothing but bad luck this week. I think bad luck runs in the family. I hate it.

I’m still confused. Jus’ saying’.

Ally made my night. Thanks. :)

So when I come home this morning, my mom is being her usual self, annoying me and wasting my time. I couldn’t even get ready for school, so I eventually said forget it because I’d be late. I can’t stand being late. I’m either here or I’m not, nothing in between.

Finally, after three weeks, I was able to play my guitar. I have this really tiny piece of metal stuck in my finger because when I tried bending a string, my finger slipped… so I won’t be able to play until I can take it out. >.<

When you’re having a bad day, there’s always Jenna Marbles! I have one of her videos and my prezi opened in another tab. Just this picture made me laugh. :D


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