I’m looopy todaaaaaaay… because it’s S[PECIAL] WEDNSDAY!

I await the day when Mr. Skonecki asks what s[pecial] means…


When her video, “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”, went viral, Jenna’s boss at Barstool Sports tried to sell her on ebay! The highest bid got to a total of $75 before they had to take it down.

Yes, she IS funny. You just have to watch her videos on your free time. They’re funnier when they’re not clean. That doesn’t sound right, maybe I should rephrase that. Oh well, I’m not going to because I’m lazy.

Emily has convinced me to join the swim team next year! I guess it’s official… sorta. Emily, Becca and I are going to become the bestest friends EVER. :D 

Emily and I have become really close in the past few days. Becca and I have become closer too. Everything gets better when you grow up. <— Wise word from Miloh and my magical unicorn.

I think I neeeeeed a naaaap. I’m getting weirrd… even for meeeee.

P.S. The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the tiiiime…


Nope. Nothing.

Maria and I are writing a song about Jenna Marbles! Unfortunately that means one of us will have to rap… or sing.

Emily and I are getting to be closer friends now.  She’s my big sister.(:

Soooo I have nothing to talk about at all. Be on your way.

P.S. Why can’t it just be Wednesday?

Cousins and Injuries

On Saturday, my grandma brought me up to my cousin’s house to spend the night. The day seemed unusually long. Ashley dragged me around the house, showing me her toys, even though I’ve only seen them a billion times before. Ricky and Ashley started fighting, so I was free for a few minutes. When I was writing stuff for my blog, my cousin wanted to play doctor with me.That was my whole day, playing doctor.

Night came, and I watched my brother and Ricky play Monopoly until one in the morning.

During this time, I ran into some problems with the world’s cutest couple. It makes it really hard to try to fix things when the two feuding are my brother and my best friend…

On Sunday, my grandma forced us all to come to church, the we met up with Katie at the Mineshaft. After we ate, Ashley and Ricky started bickering again, which ended with Ricky pulling Ashley’s hood and slamming her head into the table.  Fun.

When we were at Katie’s, Dexter, Ashley, Ricky, and I played tackle football in the living room. Later, we chased Dexter around with a toy gun and stole all of his candy. We’re the meanest cousins ever. Then we went to pet the baby chickens my sister is raising in her garage.

Chickens don’t like me. End of story. One of them kept squawking at me, so I picked it up and said, “Hey there, we’re going to feed you and make you nice and fat so we can chop your head off and eat you!” The stupid thing shut up after that. I think I speak chicken. 

Now no mater how many times I wash my clothes, they still smell like chicken. Like farm chicken, not the food chicken.

Overall it was fun, but as soon as I stepped into my mom’s house, all my happy thoughts died. I swear, that place is just a a black hole on a map.

There was a bunch of funny stuff I wanted to add, but my happy thoughts are enjoying their time in the afterlife.

Also, someone suggested that I go to school with a Jenna Marbles mustache on, so I updated my status and said for 15 likes I would do it. Not enough people liked it… thank god.

An explanation of random things

I feel like posting a video of me ranting about random stuff on youtube. I live on youtube, so I might as well contribute, right? The thing is I don’t have a camera or money to buy one. Wonderful.

I’ve always been interested in making and editing videos, especially since my brother’s such a computer nerd. I know, it looks like I want nothing to do with computers because of how thrilled I am to do video projects for class. I love making videos, hate macs and outdated imovie.

I used to have video editing software on my computer, but once I got my laptop, the only computer in my house became the “family” computer. Only my step-dad uses it though, because everyone has a laptop and my mom is using his. The point is, I don’t have video editing software on my laptop and Jason can’t find the CD.

I think I have about 4 different youtube accounts, none of which I know the password for. I’m actually in the process of deleting them… somehow.Anyway, I have one I use to comment on videos, the other one is for uploads. I obviously haven’t uploaded a video yet, but I plan too…

I lost my train of though now. Stupid ADD…

I don’t care if you don’t think I have ADD. I have some sort of attention problem. It makes me say things without thinking, (Not like the “I hate you! Wait, I didn’t mean that!” way, but in a sort of spontaneous way. Like I won’t think about if something I may say is offensive or something.)

It makes me have a really short attention span. It’s so short, that I never finish anything. If I try to learn a song, do a page of homework, or play a video game, I won’t finish it. Stuff gets boring so fast that I lose…. see like right there, my brain kind of… stalled. It went of thinking about different scenarios and I lost my train of thought. Now I might as well talk about something else.

The fact that every paragraph before this starts with “i” bothers me. It annoys me. I hate the letter “i”, but its unavoidable. It’s in almost every word in the English language. That letter can go die in a hole, a big freakin hole.

My little cousin is sitting next to me and distracting me. Little things distract me. The drop of a pin can distract me. Yet I can’t work without background noise. If it is silent, I’ll get distracted my the silence ringing in my ear.

I lost my train of though again. This whole post has just been what I was thinking about in my head. Notice how I can’t stay on one subject? This post started out being about posting videos on youtube. Now I’m talking about my brain and how much I hate the letter “i”. I’ll probably add more to this later; my cousin wants to play doctor with me.


Have you ever had that moment where you thought, “Hey, this is your girlfriend speaking… I was wondering if you could pay attention to me?” All of us who have had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) have thought that. If your girlfriend or boyfriend seems like they don’t love you anymore or isn’t paying attention to you, talk to them. Maybe they just don’t have time for a relationship right now, but they still love you and want to claim you as theirs. You guys are supposed to stay with each other through thick and thin, right?


It’s about one in the morning, and I just had a long conversation with my aunt about ADD. I discovered that my cousin, Ricky, was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6. My uncle also had ADHD. With this being said, I can now prove to my mom that it is very possible I have ADD because it’s genetic. My aunt also said that my mom probably has it, but because she’s a moron she’ll never believe anybody if they tell her that.

So because I’m calm right now I’ll make a list of what ADD does to me:

  • I’ll say things without thinking about it.
  • I can’t focus on anything long enough, therefore I start things without finishing them.
  • Multi-step directions are confusing to me.
  • I can’t stop fidgeting.
  • My mind will go off on several separate paths after something is said. Like things that relate to the subject, but not directly. Because of this, I am very creative, but cannot focus long enough to get those great ideas out.

It is unimaginably hard to write the thesis paper, for example. I can’t stay on one topic in my writing. And due to my short attention span,I haven’t finished it and  it hasn’t been turned in on time.

I don’t think going to a behavioral therapist will help, but I don’t think meds are necessary. My aunt said that she had Ricky on natural supplements that helped with the chemical imbalance.


I’m Kim

Amelia is sick today. I am Kim.

Ha, no I’m not silly, I’m just sitting in her spot because she’s not here and it seemed lonely.

I am now realizing how much Jenna Marbles and I think alike. Though I can’t state the reasons on here, I will say we have the guts to say stuff that other girls might think is to rude to say.

Caring is creepy. My motto, EMBRACE YOUR INNER CREEPY.

I almost died this morning! We almost got t-boned by a semi… That would’ve hurt.

Iiii think I’m gong to cry if I can’t go to Playlist live. I would do anything to go.

It is no longer,”What would you do for a klondike bar?” but rather “What would you do to spend a day with Jenna Marbles?”. My answer: I’d actually do my homework, respect my mom, and be Ally’s personal slave for a week. 

I need mental help.

Who is Jenna Marbles?

Yesterday, Mr. Skonecki asked, “Who is Jenna Marbles?” My answer: Only the most awesome person in the world. I feel professional right now, so I’m going to write a little article about her. (Remember, EMBRACE your inner creepy. It’s there, you might as well use it.)

Jenna Mourey, aka Jenna Marbles, was originally from Upstate New York, Rochester.

Okay, I have a short attention span and this is getting boring.

  • She is naturally a brunette. I know, she seemed naturally blonde to me too.
  • Her job is NOT what you think it is, she just gets the party going and does a little modeling.
  • She has a B.S. in Psychology and a Masters in Sport Psychology and Counseling, so she’s not dumb. She also has a degree in awesome.
  • Kermit and Marbles sometimes hide in her shirt while she’s filming.
  • The first video of her’s that went viral was “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”. This is when Jenna finally decided to tell her mom she was making youtube videos.
  • Jenna was originally putting videos of school projects on youtube, until she realized that thousands of people watched them.

I still want to meet her REALLY bad. Like, I would cry a waterfall of joyful tears if that would happen. My eyes would be rainbow colors and I would be as hyper and loopy as I was yesterday.

I have links to her channel and blog in the sidebar. Both of which are blocked by MPS. *sigh*

You Owe Me

Good morning s[pecial]. Only Jenna Marbles fans will understand what that means, so if you don’t watch her videos, don’t bother trying to figure it out. Also, I’m in a super-happy-I-need-a-lot-of-sleep mood. I’m all hyped up on caffeine and chocolate, so I’ll probably crash around 12:30. JUST in time to fall asleep in math class. But that’s okay, math is boring.

I think math is the hardest subject to make entertaining. It’s theoretically impossible to make it fun. See, like science, all you have to do is blow something up and it’s all, “Weeeee science.”. But when you blow something up in math it’s all like, “… Okay, so how tall was the the mushroom cloud?”. See? It’s impossible. You just can’t do it.

Anyway, my mom is finally allowing me to have fun! She said it was okay to stay with my grandma the whole weekend. What a relief…

I think I’m going to have my dad paint my guitar Daytona violet (thats the color of his Charger) and have it fade to black on the edges. He can’t start painting it until we check some more imprtant stuff off of our to-do list. I’m still excited.

I don’t know if I’m going crazy or not, but there is this annoying ringing in my room that sounds like a bomb is about to go off. I’m the only one that seems to hear it, though, which is weird.

Today is s[pecial] Wednesday and my Jenna Marbles t-shirt is at my dads. Wednesday is a holiday we Jenna Marbles fans take seriously, and there is no way I can celebrate today appropriately without my favorite shirt. I’ve noticed that my whole blog has been about Jenna Marbles. If that isn’t creepy enough, I know where she lives and  have it unintentionally memorized. But that’s okay, because Becca and Jason taught me to embrace my inner creepy. They have taught me well… obviously.

I posted the landshark video again so you can watch it.

Here are the reasons I think Mr. Skonecki HAS to watch it:

  •  Yesterday you promised me you would read my blog post after English and you didn’t.
  • I believe that this post combined with yesterday’s post and a long post I wrote on a day we didn’t have school is enough writing to play 30 seconds of this video.
  • Jenna Marbles is amazing, addicting, funny, entertaining, etc….
  • Everyone agrees you should watch it.
  • Do you know how hard it is to find 30 seconds of clean language in a Jenna Marbles video? Try it on your own free time. It’s hard.

If you were convinced to watch this, Please watch from EXACTLY 0:47 to 1:23 ONLY if you want to keep your job and still enjoy the Jenna Marbles experience. If you were not convinced, then you’re a party pooper. I guarantee you, you will not be impressed with the video, but this is why everyone is walking around yelling, “Landshark!”.


Have you ever had that awkward moment when you thought Friday was Saturday, so Saturday and Sunday seemed like Sunday and Monday, and Monday seemed like Tuesday, and you come into school the next day only to realize that it is not S[pecial] Wednesday, but only Tuesday and Jenna isn’t coming out with a new video? No? I guess that’s just me. Disappointment.

My feet smell like hands today. Yeah, that’s right. I know what I said.

My mom didn’t let me stay at my dad’s all day Friday. It would have been simpler, made life easier. Disappointment.

On Saturday… I can’t remember what I did Saturday. All I remember is that I spent the whole day in my monkey pajamas working on drawing Jenna Marbles to send to her as fan art. Halfway through my drawing, I spilled hot chocolate on it. No, let me rephrase that; I knocked over my full cup of hot chocolate on my whole freakin’ sketch pad. Now I’m just left with my s[pecial] letter I wrote to her. No drawing for you, Ms. Marbles. Disappointment.

I remember what I did on Saturday. My dad’s friend, Klaus, fell out of the attic in his garage and refused to go to the hospital after experiencing severe headaches, chest pain, the inability to move his right arm, and trouble breathing. I’m not surprised. He’s German. My dad was called over to try to convince him that he needed to get checked out. That only took three hours. It turns out that when he fell, he broke eight ribs on his right side. They were really close to puncturing his lungs. Klaus was stubborn about his health. Expected disappointment.

On Sunday, I just hung out with my dad and brother in the garage blasting Foo Fighters. We just sat there and talked and it was fun. Somehow. No disappointment there.

Yesterday my grandma came back from Arizona! She’s only staying for ten days, unfortunately. My mom and step-dad have to go over to her house for dinner tonight… Disappointment. But if I can stay on my moms good side, my grandma plans on taking me to sleep over at my cousin Ricky’s house on Friday night. After that she wants to take me to see my sister, Katie, and maybe head up north to Benson’s. I highly doubt that will happen, though. My mom and brother got into a fight that resulted in his laptop and phone getting taken away. I have to say he kind of deserved it. But then again, he really didn’t. Disappointment.

I still don’t think my mom will let me live at my dad’s, either. I hate my mom’s house. It’s just a black hole on a map. Happy thoughts and enjoyment get sucked into it and you never get it back. Disappointment.

I can’t wait for Wednesday. I need Jenna to cheer me up. I really, really, REALLY want to go to Florida for Playlist Live to meet her and a bunch of other youtubers, but if you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of broke and I can’t miss school to spend a week in Florida. If one of my AMAZING friends would be willing to help me raise money and buy tickets and book a hotel room and take me with them, that would be great. But with my luck, that won’t happen. With my luck, Jenna Marbles won’t write back to my letter. I even drew a little narwhal in the bottom corner. You can’t get much cooler than that.

I’m also pretty sure that I have the best dad in the world. He has agreed to custom paint my guitar. He custom painted cars when he was actually young, so why can’t he paint guitars now? Exactly. I want him to paint it to match his car somehow. Because I love purple. And cars. And Chargers. And guitars. And my amazing dad.

Playlist Live:

Dreams That Stay With You Through Childhood

I remember going up to a campground when I was little, called Benson’s campground. My brother and I would sleep in the bunk beds in my Grandma’s trailer. From early in the morning to ten o’clock at night, we would ride our bikes around the little circle of campers. Eventually as we got older, we rode farther. We rode up the hills on either side of the camp ground together. As we got older yet, we started to drift apart, as children will do, and found kids of our own age group to play with. Those kids who came up there with their grandparents also, soon grew out of it. Jason and I would still go to the campground as much as our mom would allow us, but what nobody knew, was that this whole time, I was having some strange dreams that only occured when I was there.

I can vaguely remember the first dream, as it was a long time ago and there were so many. Here’s what I can remember:

  • They were all about Jason, a kid named Lucas, (or Logan I can’t remember) and I riding our bikes in this mysterious place in the middle of the woods. There was a section of field where we would create jumps for our bikes.
  • The dreams took place at or a place somewhere around Benson’s campground. Some of the places only exist in my dreams.
  • Lucas (or Logan… though I’m pretty sure it is Lucas) was at least 3 years older than Jason (which would make him 5 1/2 years older than me) and was much taller. He had this curly, light brown hair that got darker as he aged.
  • His bike was a dark gray BMX bike, and it was the same one he used in all of my dream for as many years as they went on.

In one of the earlier dreams, I remember riding my bike in the woods on a path that was only wide enough for one biker, Lucas at the front, Jason in the middle and me at the end of the line. We would go up this tiny hill, then the trees would open up for about 20 feet, then resume. After further riding on our self-made path, we would come to this huge hill of mud and grass and roots. I was always afraid to ride down it, so Lucas would come back up the hill and help me walk my bike down it.

I’m just letting you know that I could write a book about these weird dream adventures I’ve had.

I know it seems like I’m making this up, but I’m not. These are real dreams. They seemed so real when I was little, like these events actually took place.

As we got older, so did Lucas. He grew with us. His hair got darker and his voice got deeper.  As a little kid, I didn’t know what was going on. Eventually Lucas wasn’t in my dreams anymore. He was probably 15 at that point.  Then, I stopped having the dreams altogether.

A few month ago, I had a dream that Lucas was 18 or 19 and was getting yelled at by his parents because  he wouldn’t move out yet. Strangely, they lit one of his belongings on fire (I don’t remember what it was or for what reason). Lucas got on his bike and rode off. I hadn’t had one of these weird dreams in a while now, not that it was this often I would have them. I would only have them when I was up at the campground.

I think I’m crazy. Why else would I have these dreams? Maybe it’s a result of my dad putting me to sleep to Mozart… because that sure didn’t make me more creative.