Ice Skating

I really wish we could leave earlier than 9:30. I don’t want to have a normal morning. I think we should just sit here and watch movie trailers all day. I feel like Kim and I are going to fail epically.  She’ll probably push me, then I’ll fall and drag her down with me. I had a bad dream that Kim was in front of me, then she fell and smashed my face with her skate. Then I woke up. Nice dream, huh?

I got Maddie hooked on Jenna Marbles! I think if everyone who reads this watched Jenna Marbles, we all might be happier. Yes, she is just that amazing. Instead of going door to door asking people to learn about Christ, I should ask people if they want to learn about Jenna Marbles.

I now have nothing to blog about. I need something interesting to happen…


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