Kim and Chloe are talking in British accents.  ( I know you’ve heard it twice already) I can’t take Kim seriously when talks to me now… she pronounces T’s as B’s and then it gets awkward…

I’m thinking in a British accent now and the Jenna Marbles video, “Holiday Crafts with Madonna”  keeps replaying in my mind. ITS WEIRD.

Kim, you still need to find your friendship necklace, otherwise I look like an idiot when people ask me who has the other half of mine…

I ran out of shampoo yesterday, (Wow, that is probably the weirdest beggining of a sentence I’ve ever written) so I had to use  manly shampoo and my hair is FRICKEN SOFT.

My hands still feel like they were attacked by a Jackie and a computer screen. That was not funny Jackie!

Craig finally brought my headphones. Becca stole them and I’ve been having withdrawls because I can’t listen to music in privacy. On a completely different note, everyone keeps saying  that I look like her, even Becca herself. It’s not such a bad thing, but it gets annoying because I can’t see it. Jason’s friend, Angel, says that Becca and I could be sisters. I WISH…

You know, my mom is really annoying me. I have too much stuff to worry about,  I don’t need more…


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