Internet is Taking over Television

Would you beleive it if I said I hadn’t listened to a Your Favorite Martian song in over three days? I wouldn’t.

All of my friends know that I live on Youtube. I don’t watch TV like normal people, I watch shows on Youtube. The music I listen to on a regular basis consists largely of internet musicians. It’s actually really sad. I can be on Youtube from the time I get home from school until I go to bed, but I never get any homework done. I guess it has something to do with lack of motivation, because I’m not stupid… entirely.  It’s Wednesday, which means Jenna Marbles has a new video coming out today. :D

I figured out that when youtubers subscribe to someone, they’re basically saying, “Yes, I want to stalk you.”

He also said that making us write on a blog is the best way to improve our writing because after your mistake gets pointed out in front of the whole class and internet, you will never make that mistake again. I think it only works for him…

I’m still trying to convince my mom to let me and Jason live at my dad’s. She’s being… stubborn. I think if my mom found my blog, my butt would be hanging on the wall…

On a better note I’m walking to Danielle’s house after school. :D


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