I have so many songs in my head it’s not even funny.

I still want to move my seat. I hate this one….

I got my Jenna Marbles T-shirt, then spilled Dr. Pepper on it. -.-

I ordered another =3 shirt and a Jeydon Wale shirt that glows in the dark. :D

I, I, I, I. Thats all I see.

Crayons Can Melt on Us For All I care – Relient K… It’s a good song!!!

My mom annoys me. Is there any one who didn’t know that?

Chloe and Kristen are nerds! “You know, Shakespeare… this that and the other thing…” VACUUM KRISTEN, VACUUM!!!” It’s my job to make fun of you!! :D

Yay! I just wasted priceless seconds of your life!!


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