On Friday, Jason had another surgery to have a metal plate put into his leg.(Which is why I was not at school…) Unfortunately, that plate has to be removed in a year. Yesterday, Jason had yet another surgery. The doctors were trying to close up the incision from almost a week ago, but due to swelling, they could only close up part of it. So tomorrow, they need to close up the rest of the incision, and do a skin graft if needed.

So the poor kid has to go through five surgeries total, and he’s not even twenty…. He’s getting better, though!  :D

I’m sick… but I noticed that when my voice is all crackly and dudish, I CAN SOUND LIKE JEYDON WALE!!! I can’t do it anymore, though…

Don’t ask me questions; it hurts to talk louder than a whisper…

By the way, Jason said I made his day by sending you that email, Mr. Skonecki. ^.^


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