Jason got out of surgery yesterday. The doctors said that after they cut his leg open, that they saw that his whole ankle is shattered. That makes sense, saying there a dent on his bike from his leg. He has to go in for another surgery on Friday, and I guess he has to have his skin …graphed? I don’t know if that’s the correct term, when my stepdad talks he sounds like  a monkey with deformed jaw….  But apparently his leg has to borrow some skin from his butt to close up the cut… ouch.

He wants me to text him in class… and when he texts me it’s in complete gibberish because he’s all drugged up and can barely open one eye. He wants me to put a picture of his bike and xray on my blog too. :/

I’ve been basically living at Becca’s since this happened. We went to visit him yesterday… and his face was so puffy and he looked so sad… But he looked as if he was in less pain and was a little more comfortable. When we c=got home we had to keep texting Emily to cheer her up. She was worried sick,, but somehow, the conversation ended with, “I love you too amy <3 I think I’ll be able to calm down now :)”

I had to stay up late with her because Becca was already asleep, but I didn’t mind one bit. I always have her back. :)

I’m soo tired…. I should’ve brought a pillow to school..

P.S. Becca and I made up a song last night. It’s kinda mean, but it’s not meant to be:

Jason got run over by a racecar

Riding home from school a few days ago

you can say there’s no such thing as losers

but as form me and Becca, we believe.

I want to change the word losers. It’s too cheesy…


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