No Title

I didn’t memorize the preamble for the test. Deal with it.

My mom gave me a lecture about respecting her and how I’m always locked in my room. Well, I don’t like that house. My room is the only place I want to be. So now I’m trying to convince my mom to let Jason and I move in with dad. Jason can take me to school every day and I am no longer afraid to go to sleep because we moved. I’m way too stressed with this… She kept me up until 11:00 yelling at me, so I didn’t get any sleep.

I didn’t do any homework either. No wonder I’m failing. I wish my report card wasn’t automatically mailed to my dad. He’s going to wonder what happened to his “little girl who got straight A’s all the time”.

My mom yelled at me because I said my friends were my number one priority. Friends can get you somewhere in life. Wallowing in self pity can’t. She’s like, “I don’t sit in a room and hide all day. I can text on my phone too.” and I’m like, ” Good, now all you need is friends.”

Ugh… I need a hug…
P.S. I’m going to use my brother’s brain project. It’s much easier.


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