A lot of things to talk about

Sara playing my guitar

Over my winter break, I’ve been making a list on my phone of things to talk about.

The list is pretty long.

First I need to talk about the 23rd. I spent the whole morning trying to get my mom up. Nothing worked, so I texted Jason and asked him what tricks he uses to wake her up.

“Just yell at her so she can hear you. What do you need her to do?”

“I need her to take me to the used guitar place…”

“Oh… are you going to Uncle Bob’s? Go there, it’s got lower prices.”

Yelling at her works, by the way. Anyway, she gets up and Jason drives us to Uncle Bob’s. When we get there I started looking around, finding nothing. I saw a Martin in the back and asked the man at the counter to bring it up. He said it was $650 and we explained to him that it wasn’t in our budget. Then he said that he had a guitar in storage that he sold to a guy, but he hasn’t come to get it yet. He asked me if I would like to look at it and I said yes.

It was a Cort guitar, a brand made in China, but it was a good guitar. On the box it said that the origanal price was $300 and that they were selling it for $219.

The man saw how much I wanted this guitar. But $200 was still too much.

“You know, I can sell it to you for $160 if your really interested.I can see you have a passion for playing.”

All I’m saying is that I got my guitar. I got a $300 guitar for nearly half price. Not a bad deal, huh? He even had us come back an hour later to pick it up so he could fix it up make it play better for free.

When we were driving home my brother tells me that on facebook a few nights ago, he saw that one of my friends, Zeth, died. Apparently he was found unconscious in his room. The kid was only eleven and he was like a little brother to me, so hearing that kind of ruined my good mood.

The next day we went to a Christmas party. We had this little White Elephant Christmas thing. (I have never heard it called that) I ended up opening a box that had a slushy maker in it. When it was her turn, this little girl, Sara, stole my gift. I had to steal another gift, so I stole ten bucks from Jay, who is blind.  Later some guy steals the money from me, so I stole the slushy machine back from Sara.  Stealing from a blind man and a little girl in the same day? I’m mean.

I went over to Becca’s a few days later, but ended up having to stay the night. Marissa started getting really weird at about 7:00. She’s only seven, and she was talking about stuff she shouldn’t even know about… 

On New Year’s Eve, my dad let us open our presents from him. He gave Jason and I each $50 bucks each. I feel really bad because he doesn’t have  any money for himself, and here he is giving up a $100. Now I have to decide whether to spend my money on  my music or stuff for art.

Becca and Emily came over for New Years too. During the countdown, Becca and I were crawling across the living room trying to get a picture of the TV with our phones. At the last second, I get a text from Kim that said, “HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Its 2012 PREPARE TO DIE!!”, and when the ball dropped, my dad snuck up behind us and grabbed me and Becca like he was kidnapping us. Everyone started laughing at Becca’s reaction, which wasn’t very far from a heart attack,  until we heard fireworks outside. We watched the fireworks and then everybody left.

Annnnnnd my dog just jumped on my bed and spilled mini corndogs and ketchup all over the place so… I have to clean that up. O.o


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