Tired… no sleep… leave me alone.

I woke up at 3:00 yesterday, went to sleep at 11:30 and woke up again today and 3:00. I’m tired…

Kimmy isn’t here today. Now I’m going to be bored in math class…

I feel special today! Not in the, “Aw, that made me feel special.” way, but like the, “I think I’m special in the head.” way.

I have good news! (that I can’t really say on here… ask me.)

I feel like throwing up…

I’m too lazy to type…


Black Swan

This is going to be a short post because it has to be.

Okay, the movie Black Swan is NOT a bad movie. It is my new favorite movie and I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

I learned a lesson, never mistake the letter “s” for the letter “d” on your phone… Especially when your telling someone you were just kidding.

My mom is yelling at me for not bringing my guitar back to her house. It’s my stuff, I can do what I want with it.

Speaking about that, I decided learning Stairway to Heaven is too hard, so I’m going to learn how to play the guitar solo for Hotel California by the Eagles.

Ice Skating

I really wish we could leave earlier than 9:30. I don’t want to have a normal morning. I think we should just sit here and watch movie trailers all day. I feel like Kim and I are going to fail epically.  She’ll probably push me, then I’ll fall and drag her down with me. I had a bad dream that Kim was in front of me, then she fell and smashed my face with her skate. Then I woke up. Nice dream, huh?

I got Maddie hooked on Jenna Marbles! I think if everyone who reads this watched Jenna Marbles, we all might be happier. Yes, she is just that amazing. Instead of going door to door asking people to learn about Christ, I should ask people if they want to learn about Jenna Marbles.

I now have nothing to blog about. I need something interesting to happen…


Kim and Chloe are talking in British accents.  ( I know you’ve heard it twice already) I can’t take Kim seriously when talks to me now… she pronounces T’s as B’s and then it gets awkward…

I’m thinking in a British accent now and the Jenna Marbles video, “Holiday Crafts with Madonna”  keeps replaying in my mind. ITS WEIRD.

Kim, you still need to find your friendship necklace, otherwise I look like an idiot when people ask me who has the other half of mine…

I ran out of shampoo yesterday, (Wow, that is probably the weirdest beggining of a sentence I’ve ever written) so I had to use  manly shampoo and my hair is FRICKEN SOFT.

My hands still feel like they were attacked by a Jackie and a computer screen. That was not funny Jackie!

Craig finally brought my headphones. Becca stole them and I’ve been having withdrawls because I can’t listen to music in privacy. On a completely different note, everyone keeps saying  that I look like her, even Becca herself. It’s not such a bad thing, but it gets annoying because I can’t see it. Jason’s friend, Angel, says that Becca and I could be sisters. I WISH…

You know, my mom is really annoying me. I have too much stuff to worry about,  I don’t need more…

Internet is Taking over Television

Would you beleive it if I said I hadn’t listened to a Your Favorite Martian song in over three days? I wouldn’t.

All of my friends know that I live on Youtube. I don’t watch TV like normal people, I watch shows on Youtube. The music I listen to on a regular basis consists largely of internet musicians. It’s actually really sad. I can be on Youtube from the time I get home from school until I go to bed, but I never get any homework done. I guess it has something to do with lack of motivation, because I’m not stupid… entirely.  It’s Wednesday, which means Jenna Marbles has a new video coming out today. :D

I figured out that when youtubers subscribe to someone, they’re basically saying, “Yes, I want to stalk you.”

He also said that making us write on a blog is the best way to improve our writing because after your mistake gets pointed out in front of the whole class and internet, you will never make that mistake again. I think it only works for him…

I’m still trying to convince my mom to let me and Jason live at my dad’s. She’s being… stubborn. I think if my mom found my blog, my butt would be hanging on the wall…

On a better note I’m walking to Danielle’s house after school. :D


It’s Tuesday! And Double Spiderman, Jenna Marbles and her silver unicorn are my background! I have no clue why I’m so excited about that. I introduced Jenna Marbles to my dad, his friend, Steve, and Emily, who all shared it with their friends, and are now obsessed. Thanks to Kim, I have singing dogs from one of her videos planted in my head.

IM GOING TO DIE IF MY DAD SEES MY REPORT CARD!  There is nothing worse than the feeling of disappointment from a parent. But it’s okay, all my friend’s parents are disappointed with me. Just because I’m a “bad influence”. Hmm..


Random Post

Do you think kids should be able to choose what parent they want to live with?

Do you think its stupid if you say, “I want to live at your house, Dad.” and your mom tells your dad, “Well sometimes kids want something that they won’t get.”?


I don’t look like Becca!

I’m behind in everything. The movie trailer thing is too confusing for blondes. It doesn’t help that  the computer doesn’t like me >.<

I’m done with my brain project, but I never turned that in, did I? I didn’t even have to do much except reword everything Jason wrote…

My dad is going to kill me.

My mom is getting so annoying… I’m pretty sure she yelled at me for breathing one time.

P.S. Everyone says that I look like Becca. Really?



I have so many songs in my head it’s not even funny.

I still want to move my seat. I hate this one….

I got my Jenna Marbles T-shirt, then spilled Dr. Pepper on it. -.-

I ordered another =3 shirt and a Jeydon Wale shirt that glows in the dark. :D

I, I, I, I. Thats all I see.

Crayons Can Melt on Us For All I care – Relient K… It’s a good song!!!

My mom annoys me. Is there any one who didn’t know that?

Chloe and Kristen are nerds! “You know, Shakespeare… this that and the other thing…” VACUUM KRISTEN, VACUUM!!!” It’s my job to make fun of you!! :D

Yay! I just wasted priceless seconds of your life!!