Last night I did a little bit of Christmas shopping, or at least planned to.

I wanted to get Kim some earbuds so I asked my mom to drive me to K-Mart. She was sleeping on the couch, as she usually is at 5:00, and she probably didn’t comprehend a single word I said. At 5:30, I walk back into the living room and she’s sound asleep. I asked Karl to take me, and he said he didn’t feel like it. Mom cut in and said she’ll take me after dinner.

So I’m sitting on my bed eating chicken, my dog drooling at my side, and all of a sudden I hear that familiar squishing sound of Karl plunging the toilet. I have a few inches of wall separating me from the bathroom, and that’s it. And with every little squish, my dog is turning her head trying to figure out where it’s coming from.

After dinner, My mom and step-dad started arguing bout who would drive me to K-Mart. They ended up telling Jason to drive me. I felt bad for him, so I bought two packs of candy canes and gave one to him. I knew that he had better things to do. He smiled! :D It’s a miracle!


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