Crazy Weekend

I wrote a book, so you don’t have to read it all if you don’t want to.

Everything started with the ride home from school. I’m in the passenger seat thinking about how Christmas is so near, and wondering if I will get my guitar or not. Mom and I agreed that if I did get one, it would be the $300 one we looked at. Karl then tells me that he bought a powerball ticket and got a hundred bucks. I’m thinking, Well they  have two hundred dollars of my money and they won a hundred bucks… maybe it’s possible… So I asked him, “So, what are you going to spend it on?”

“I already spent it.” Maybe they bought the guitar already…

“All of it? On what?” What else could they have possibly spent a hundred dollars on that soon?

“Well,” Come on, just admit you bought it already. I can act surprised! “we bought some tobacco and some more lottery tickets.” Annnnnnnd my life is pointless. -_-

“You know, a hundred bucks doesn’t go far anymore…” That hundred bucks could have changed my life if it wasn’t spent by morons.

Well, when I get home at three, I decide to paint my nails. I messed up on one, so I used my nail polish remover and cleaned it off. The cotton stuck to all of my other nails. No biggie, I’ll just redo them all. Well, It happened again, and again, and again.

For what I promised myself was the last time, I repainted my nails black.

I messed up AGAIN. I had to redo them. AGAIN.  I’m laying on my bed, my mice and I are probably as high as a kite from the over use of nail polish remover, watching them slowly try to climb on the platform I built in their cage.

Finally, after the 5th time redoing my nails, I decided use a q-tip instead. My mom wakes up from hibernation to use the bathroom. Without even asking me what I was doing she says, “Well if you’re trying to get rid of nail polish, you gotta use a cotton ball.” She  takes the cotton ball and smears it all over my nails. When she walks away, (Which I don’t understand, because she came to use the bathroom in the first place) I just started balling. I don’t know why…  When I looked at the little smiley face on my socks I started laughing. I wonder how many of my brain cells died…

This whole situation brings me to about 9:00. That’s how much of my time was wasted.

On Saturday, I couldn’t go to Kim’s to work on the project. We’re going to fail science together! TEAMWORK!

On Sunday, I think everyone had some kind of bug up their butt. Nobody was happy. Not even my grandma. She’s in Arizona  and hasn’t seen me for  a month, and when she talked to me she had an attitude. My Aunt Cathy once told me, ” If you know someone’s going to say something, maybe your better off not talking.”

Well where did you pull that ancient wisdom from? I swear, sometimes old people are no help at all…


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