Last weekend I never sat down and thought about anything. I was all happy and never had a care in the world. But now that we have this assignment to think, I’ve been in a bad mood.  Thinking is depressing! I like to forget about my worries and just let whatever happens, happen.

My mom is procrastinating again. She has to make a whole bunch of appointments, but she refuses to make the calls. I figuered out that once I’m in the same enclosed space as her, I get in a bad mood. Is that bad? Is it bad if it bothers me if she likes the same song as me? I wonder if they condemn people too… I’d have a lot of people condemned…

My mom also says that I might not be able to get my guitar by Christmas. And she wont give me my money so  I can get a present for my dad.

I can’t win.

I WANT SNOW!!! If we don’t get measurable snow soon, I think that means the world’s ending….


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