Your Favorite Martain

My =3 and Your Favortite Martian stuff came yesterday! It turns out that my mom got the email last week. But I don’t mind at all! I got a YFM t-shirt, =3 bracelets, and an =3 hat. :D

=3 is a web show on Youtube hosted by Ray William Johnson. He reviews and makes fun of viral videos twice a week. Your Favorite Martian is a cartoon band also formed by Ray William Johnson. I am only mildly obsessed…

I posted one of his more apropriate songs below. It says the “H”word at, like, 35 seconds, but who hasn’t heard that word before? Ally’s lucky I didn’t post the Stereotype Song, or she would have to sing along. I know every word of every song YFM has come up with, including that one. I know the words to a lot of songs, but mostly pathetic ones like “Gucci Gucci” and  “Orphan Tears”… don’t judge me.


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