I love being in 8th grade. You get to look forward to people bringing you presents. I got a freindship bracelet from Kim, and pack of gum from Chloe, and candy canes from a bunch of people. Also, next year I get to go to Reagan with Becca, Emily, and Victoria. I barely get to talk to them.

In exactly a year, The whole world is going to end! I completely believe that the world is going to end. I mean, c’mon WE’RE IN WISCONSIN AND THERE IS NO SNOW ON THE GROUND!!! Common sense people!




Last night I did a little bit of Christmas shopping, or at least planned to.

I wanted to get Kim some earbuds so I asked my mom to drive me to K-Mart. She was sleeping on the couch, as she usually is at 5:00, and she probably didn’t comprehend a single word I said. At 5:30, I walk back into the living room and she’s sound asleep. I asked Karl to take me, and he said he didn’t feel like it. Mom cut in and said she’ll take me after dinner.

So I’m sitting on my bed eating chicken, my dog drooling at my side, and all of a sudden I hear that familiar squishing sound of Karl plunging the toilet. I have a few inches of wall separating me from the bathroom, and that’s it. And with every little squish, my dog is turning her head trying to figure out where it’s coming from.

After dinner, My mom and step-dad started arguing bout who would drive me to K-Mart. They ended up telling Jason to drive me. I felt bad for him, so I bought two packs of candy canes and gave one to him. I knew that he had better things to do. He smiled! :D It’s a miracle!

Crazy Weekend

I wrote a book, so you don’t have to read it all if you don’t want to.

Everything started with the ride home from school. I’m in the passenger seat thinking about how Christmas is so near, and wondering if I will get my guitar or not. Mom and I agreed that if I did get one, it would be the $300 one we looked at. Karl then tells me that he bought a powerball ticket and got a hundred bucks. I’m thinking, Well they  have two hundred dollars of my money and they won a hundred bucks… maybe it’s possible… So I asked him, “So, what are you going to spend it on?”

“I already spent it.” Maybe they bought the guitar already…

“All of it? On what?” What else could they have possibly spent a hundred dollars on that soon?

“Well,” Come on, just admit you bought it already. I can act surprised! “we bought some tobacco and some more lottery tickets.” Annnnnnnd my life is pointless. -_-

“You know, a hundred bucks doesn’t go far anymore…” That hundred bucks could have changed my life if it wasn’t spent by morons.

Well, when I get home at three, I decide to paint my nails. I messed up on one, so I used my nail polish remover and cleaned it off. The cotton stuck to all of my other nails. No biggie, I’ll just redo them all. Well, It happened again, and again, and again.

For what I promised myself was the last time, I repainted my nails black.

I messed up AGAIN. I had to redo them. AGAIN.  I’m laying on my bed, my mice and I are probably as high as a kite from the over use of nail polish remover, watching them slowly try to climb on the platform I built in their cage.

Finally, after the 5th time redoing my nails, I decided use a q-tip instead. My mom wakes up from hibernation to use the bathroom. Without even asking me what I was doing she says, “Well if you’re trying to get rid of nail polish, you gotta use a cotton ball.” She  takes the cotton ball and smears it all over my nails. When she walks away, (Which I don’t understand, because she came to use the bathroom in the first place) I just started balling. I don’t know why…  When I looked at the little smiley face on my socks I started laughing. I wonder how many of my brain cells died…

This whole situation brings me to about 9:00. That’s how much of my time was wasted.

On Saturday, I couldn’t go to Kim’s to work on the project. We’re going to fail science together! TEAMWORK!

On Sunday, I think everyone had some kind of bug up their butt. Nobody was happy. Not even my grandma. She’s in Arizona  and hasn’t seen me for  a month, and when she talked to me she had an attitude. My Aunt Cathy once told me, ” If you know someone’s going to say something, maybe your better off not talking.”

Well where did you pull that ancient wisdom from? I swear, sometimes old people are no help at all…

Waiting Game

I’m not going to get my guitar. That is for certain. I was even starting to get an idea for a song…

There is nothing else I want, and my mom doesn’t seem to get that. But she never understands anything, so…

The birthday songs sang on the announcements sound like nails on a chalkboard. Don’t deny it.

Kim and I are going to fail science together. TEAMWORK!



Last weekend I never sat down and thought about anything. I was all happy and never had a care in the world. But now that we have this assignment to think, I’ve been in a bad mood.  Thinking is depressing! I like to forget about my worries and just let whatever happens, happen.

My mom is procrastinating again. She has to make a whole bunch of appointments, but she refuses to make the calls. I figuered out that once I’m in the same enclosed space as her, I get in a bad mood. Is that bad? Is it bad if it bothers me if she likes the same song as me? I wonder if they condemn people too… I’d have a lot of people condemned…

My mom also says that I might not be able to get my guitar by Christmas. And she wont give me my money so  I can get a present for my dad.

I can’t win.

I WANT SNOW!!! If we don’t get measurable snow soon, I think that means the world’s ending….

Your Favorite Martain

My =3 and Your Favortite Martian stuff came yesterday! It turns out that my mom got the email last week. But I don’t mind at all! I got a YFM t-shirt, =3 bracelets, and an =3 hat. :D

=3 is a web show on Youtube hosted by Ray William Johnson. He reviews and makes fun of viral videos twice a week. Your Favorite Martian is a cartoon band also formed by Ray William Johnson. I am only mildly obsessed…

I posted one of his more apropriate songs below. It says the “H”word at, like, 35 seconds, but who hasn’t heard that word before? Ally’s lucky I didn’t post the Stereotype Song, or she would have to sing along. I know every word of every song YFM has come up with, including that one. I know the words to a lot of songs, but mostly pathetic ones like “Gucci Gucci” and  “Orphan Tears”… don’t judge me.


This weekend I didn’t have my phone. I thought I had left it in my locker. Now I can’t find it at ALL. I couldn’t text people or communicate at all with the outside world, except for facebook. But facebook  requires internet, and at my dad’s, all we have is wifi from my brother’s phone that rarely works.

I was in a good mood until I walked into my mom’s house. That house is a good mood killer. It should be condemned .

I told Kim that if she poked me again I would break her finger…

And I want to be moved back to my old seat. I’m surrounded by boys that talk to themselves and Sophie. Sophie’s okay, though. It’s just really hard to annoy Kim now…

PS Kim and Maria, you mean “Jesus looks like Jesus this morning.” Proper grammar. Learn it.


I’m still trying to convince my mom that  I have ADD. She won’t even consider it and it bothers me. What else does she not believe?

The christmas tree looks AWESOME from the front window. This is the first year we have a tree that could fit on a table.

I’m waiting for my =3 stuff to come in the mail in exactly…. one week. I don’t know why I’m so excited to get a t-shirt and hat… but I really want it.

I’m so bored right now….I’m staring at my Facebook waiting for someone to update their status. I never do that… just shows you how bored I am…

I AM BEGGING FOR MY GUITAR. But I don’t think I’m going to get it by Christmas…

The Amanda Show

Yesterday I actually turned on the TV and found that The Amanda Show was on TeenNick.  I remember that show from when I was a little kid and it was by far the best show Dan Schneider has produced compared to all of his newer shows. Then, I realized that all the shows I watched when I was little are messed up. It is proven that watching Spongebob can affect how well you learn… and I still watch it.

Anyway, I found my favorite segment on the show, Totally Kyle.  This is what raised me….



  • I’m dead
  • I have no support
  • I give up

In reality:

  • I’m still alive
  • I DON’T have support
  • Time won’t stop long enough for me to catch up