It’s a long post, but read it anyway.

My dad has not been having the time of his life. He’s been running into every problem possible with his health and social life. It started this summer when we got the house.

Let me add that the only reason we have the house is because his good friend, Mark, bought it so we could rent. Now THAT’S a good friend.

Here we are working on the house, which was a foreclosure, fixing everything. Fixing windows, toilets, siding… you name it, we fixed it. Everything was loose in that house too. Every screw, shelf and handle in that house was loose. We repainted the bedrooms (I have green walls now). Then when we finally drive up north to the camper, that fruitcake had to break into our shed and steal all our stuff when we really need it.

Then we move into the house and find stuff wrong with the ceiling and toilets. Whenever we used the toilet or shower it would back up in the basement until there was a giant puddle of poop separating you from the washer. Finally my brother looks into the pipe when the water’s clear and says, ” Hey! I see paper…,” and when we start pulling it out we realize that they are Polaroid pictures. So we’re  here having crap flood our basement because the last guy that owned the place was a nutcase.


A while later he starts having pain in his arm to the point where he can’t even move the computer mouse at work. That restricts him from doing all the things that need to be done around the house. Also let me mention that he’s not the most patient guy, so he won’t wait until he gets better.

When we were moving logs from a neighbors yard, one of  his arteries has to collapse (we didn’t know it then). So, keep in mind that he is worrying about that this whole time…

While this is all happening, he’s in a lot of legal trouble because he’s not making payment on his old house. I’m sure that’s pretty stressful, too.

Now his collapsed artery is catching up with him and he started having chest pains at Taco Bell. He didn’t want to end up in the hospital for four days, but he had to anyway. That is where all the nurses had to stick him with needles every four hours for four days to draw blood. Doesn’t that sound fun? Don’t you just want to have a vacation like that?

On Saturday, my brother was talking to the poor guy  while he was driving to pick up his meds. All of a sudden Jason hears, *crash* “God **** it!” It just so turns out that some lady had to pull out in front of him and smash his car. What a great week, hey?

My main point is that this is a guy who has been through so much crap at one time. He has tried so hard to make what’s left of his kid’s childhood fun, with as little money that he has. He has been a loyal friend to a bunch of people and a great dad to Jason and I, so I think he deserves something for Christmas. He has done enough. I might just have to skip on the guitar and team up with Jason to buy a big gift for my dad this year.

P.S. Ally, I’m sorry for doing this. I know it makes you feel like a horrible person.


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