Sick again

I’m sick again. Right now I’m in that “the light’s on and I really want it off, but I’m too comfortable to get up” situation. I’m falling asleep typing this…

I’m going to have a boat load of homework to turn in. To make it worse, I don’t have my science book or social studies book in my backpack.  AND MATH: I won’t have a clue what we’re doing because I wasn’t there for two days. You know Mrs. Russel works on the same thing for a whole week… I guess that means less worksheets for me.

My dad went in for his surgery last night at 8:30. I forgot what they were doing to him but I still wished him luck. And Ally, I told him you said good luck and the first thing he said was, “Does she still bite people?”

I may not be going to his house tonight. I hope they’ll let him come home, but if not, I guess we’ll all go visit him. Jason and I need to help him take it easy… he’s really bad at that.

I’ll probably fall asleep, but I’ll be looking for comments…

PS I forgot to turn in the permission slip for the Folk Fair… but I have the money and the slip. I hope Mr. Skonecki lets me go….


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