The things I don’t like

I don’t know about you, but blogging every day is hard. A lot of times, the things people do one day are the same thing they did the day before. It makes no sense to put up a blog post that talks about how bored you are… EVERY DAY.  And to top it off, you’re writing these puny little posts that have no meaning and nothing interesting about them. Yet, I know that if I were to write a long interesting post about… whatever, I would get criticized about “writing a book” on my blog.

It also bothers me that some people are so…lame. I know I’ll also get criticized for saying lame, but that is just how I describe them. For example if I am sitting at lunch in the middle of two conversations, what would you rather listen to? How someone can’t cut their lettuce to just the right size, or how someone failed at doing something? Personally, I would like to hear the pathetic story about how someone failed.

I also hate how people are so immature that you just want to give them a brain transplant. If you’re having fun joking around with someone on Facebook, and you say the lyrics of a song, that  person will bite your head off for talking about “Mississippi people”. All I said was, “They’ll be down in Mississippi and up to no good” and the hounds were released. She started going off on me, saying things like “why don’t you say that to their face? huh??? that’s right youd be 2 scared!!!!!”, not even giving me a chance to say something back to her. I figured that she would know the song, saying she listens to a little country.  And, even after the fact that I explained to her that it was a song, she still yelled at me like I stole a child from her backyard.

Okay, I’m done. I’m sorry if I offended people, but there’s something about freedom of speech in the Constitution. Look it up.


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