The internet is still too slow. Now I barely have enough time to put up a blog post.

I could’ve won the argument with Mr. Skonecki about… whatever we were arguing about, but I didn’t feel like going into my life story. So —

  • Who pays the bills? My parents borrowed hundreds of dollars form my savings account to pay their bills.
  • Who’s paying for my guitar? I am, with the money that’s left.
  • Who buys school supplies for us? My grandma who lives next door. I don’t care if she sees my grades. She is not annoying about them.
  • Yes I bought my shoes. I gave my mom the cash.

I’m not entirely sure what money had to do with my grades, but they are still none of her business. Apparently it is none of my business what the water bill is, or any of the other bill, for that matter. So why should my grades be her business? I know what  I’m doing.


My brother said Justin Beiber can go die in a hole. I have heard “go die in a hole” too much in the past week. And every time  I hear it, I think of Chloe. Don’t ask why.


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