When I was little:

I used to always hang out with Becca
Jason was respectable
Dad didn’t pick favorites
Grandma left later for Arizona
Mom woke up an hour earlier (1:00pm)
My room was clean
I didn’t care what I looked like
I got straight A’s
I was teacher’s pet
I didn’t notice when people did something wrong
I didn’t CARE when people did something wrong.

Becca doesn’t give a crap about me
Jason is a total wiener
Dad gives everything to Jason first. I get the hand-me-downs.

Grandma leaves two months earlier now

‘Nuff said.
My room is the remnants of a tornado
I HAVE to to look good
Don’t ask about my grades
I rather go out to recess than help a teacher
Everybody bother’s me
Everybody REALLY bothers me

Notice how everything changes as you get older?


3 thoughts on “When I was little:

  1. Jason

    do respectable things and people will respect you
    treat people with respect and they might respect you
    if they dont, then f*** them
    ’nuff said


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