No Name

If you haven’t noticed, I still don’t have a nickname. I suppose you could call “Jason’s sister” a nickname, but I don’t like it. If I go to Reagan, I will always have that nickname. I want something good.

I’m also looking for a different theme. I like the one I had before but… I don’t know, I just want something that not everybody has.

FYI, have a bunch of prewritten blog posts; I just keep forgetting to put them up. They would   save me a lot of thinking in the morning, because the world knows, I don’t like thinking.

That reminds me, at conferences I’ll probably hear the same thing I always do: “You’re smart, you just don’t turn in work.” Yeah, I know. You don’t need to tell me. The new homework policy really screwed up my chances to get into Reagan.


7 thoughts on “No Name

  1. Spell your name wrong…you’ll get a nickname….
    I like this theme!
    I know you don’t like thinking… I don’t think anyone does….
    Do your homework and turn it in! it isn’t that hard… and the homework is easy most of the time!


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