Grandpa’s Treasures

On Saturday, my dad and I moved a curio cabinet into our living room at our new house. It used to be my grandma’s but since she is in a nursing home, her stuff is being distributed throughout the family. She probably knew at one time that we were doing this, but, saying she can’t remember what she did five seconds ago, I’m thinking she doesn’t know anymore.

Along with that curio cabinet, we received a lot of trinkets and decorations of Grandma and Grandpa Bloch’s. That consisted of glass statues of birds, pictures of my dad when he was younger, 23 karat gold forks, a gold watch with my grandpa’s name engraved in it, a bank book from my great-grandma (1926), and 3 bullets from the 21 gun salute at Grandpa’s funeral.  I thought it was really interesting, so I surprised my dad by putting the stuff in it. Grandma’s stuff went on the top two shelves, and Grandpa’s went on its own manly bottom shelf. My dad was so happy I did that. So now, in the corner of our living room next to the TV, is a cabinet full of family history.