Kim is Abusive

Well, she is.
This is going to be one of those blog posts that talks about random topics.
I have some pretty good friends. I’m sorry that I just realized that. Well, I’ve actually known that for a while now, but it hit me again. They tell you if someone said something bad about you, and stop you when you want to pound their face in.
I know Mr. Skonecki grades posts on Sundays… and yes, I do know that some things don’t go as planned.
I absolutely HATE it when people talk like this: i wanna hang wit yhu 2maro r u… and blah, blah, blah. Speak ENGLISH.


No Home

One time I was up north at my grandma’s camper, and she was packing up to leave. I was supposed to be with my dad the whole weekend, but I wanted to be in a camper that had heat. My grandparents pulled up in their car to say goodbye. I didn’t want them to leave. I felt like crying. It was weird,  knowing that I lived right next door to them.
When I got home I cried.
Last weekend the same thing happened. I really didn’t want to leave, and when I got home and heard my step-dad and mom screaming at each other, I went and my room. AND CRIED.

Why? It’s because I realized how much I don’t want to live in that house with those messed up people. I wanted to live in a place where I could be myself and not get yelled at. Not get put down. And not get pressured.

Another things to add to my DREAMS list.


I feel to pressured to do stuff.
I’m failing the family project. I have $200 to spend on groceries, phones and cloths… A MONTH! If I didn’t have to but a car that was at least $10,000 and Mr. Skonecki didn’t put Tyler in our group, I would have this relatively under control. I had the budget planned out when I had two kids… not three.

PS Everytime I see the word “two”, I read it weird.



This weekend was awesome. I think both Ally and I had our share of laughing, choking and spitting chocolate milk all over the place. Or maybe that was just me…
Just to let you know, I find it annoying to have ear buds yanked out of my ear every five seconds. *cough*Ally*cough*
We did nothing but laugh this whole weekend. I swore Ally was going to die from chronic laughing. Once, Ally made me laugh so much, that I starting choking and had to spit my chocolate milk out. On my food. But don’t worry, I got her back. She got her fair share of choking.

We overused the word fail, too, particularly when Ally had (attempted) to do dishes. You might as well sit down and grab a bowl of popcorn, because you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Blonde hair. ‘Nuff said.

I’d also like to point out that she abuses electronics. Whenever she has a sneeze attack, she has to have her ipod in front of her face. If I counted correctly, she sneezed at least 20 times in one minute. And my phone… my poor phone. I have to use that for another year…
Carving pumpkins is hard work, and I have no respect for people who go around smashing them. When you’re cleaning them out, the pumpkin guts make your sweatshirt smell all pumpkiny and weird. I carved a Ninja pumpkin, but Ally carved one that was a little… Retarded. With a capitol “R”.
Finally, I thought a two hour car ride would be long, but on the way home it felt relatively short. I really didn’t want to go home. That means I would have to go back to my weirdo family.

My family is a strange duck. Not multiple ducks, just one duck.

As soon as I walk in the door, I hear someone complaining about how the dishes weren’t done.Wonderful.

P.S. Ally, I have a bruise on my ribs. I wonder who put it there.
P.P.S. Kim is having boy troubles.


Kim’s being weird!

Kim is in such a happy mood today. You can say “hi” and she’ll start laughing. She used to be like that, but I don’t I know what happened. Maybe Mr. Skonecki mentally tortured her too much. The only reason she’s happy is because she was talking to a boy for about four hours. I going to tease her about that. I promise.
This weekend I’m going up north with Ally. That means I actually have something to do this weekend other that listen to my brother complain about warm soda.
IT’S SODA. Just drink it.

When I was little:

I used to always hang out with Becca
Jason was respectable
Dad didn’t pick favorites
Grandma left later for Arizona
Mom woke up an hour earlier (1:00pm)
My room was clean
I didn’t care what I looked like
I got straight A’s
I was teacher’s pet
I didn’t notice when people did something wrong
I didn’t CARE when people did something wrong.

Becca doesn’t give a crap about me
Jason is a total wiener
Dad gives everything to Jason first. I get the hand-me-downs.

Grandma leaves two months earlier now

‘Nuff said.
My room is the remnants of a tornado
I HAVE to to look good
Don’t ask about my grades
I rather go out to recess than help a teacher
Everybody bother’s me
Everybody REALLY bothers me

Notice how everything changes as you get older?

Drawing pictures

This whole weekend I’ve been drawing pictures with cheap colored pencils. I had already drawn a black and white picture with a rainbow in full color. I got the inspiration to draw a logo from my Native Pride hat I got for my birthday. I went over to Ma Donahue’s place and showed her my drawings. She used to draw colored pencil portraits and sell them, and when she saw mine, she told me that I really do have a talent. She decided to loan me her set of professional colored pencils for the weekend. Within twenty minutes, I drew a picture of leafless  trees in a blizzard with a broken fence winding between them and eventually out of sight. my dad was finally proud of me, so he put it in a picture frame and put it in the living room.


A while ago she almost drowned. But anyway, suddenly this year she wants to spend more time with me. Its just a guess, but I think she cant hang out with Jason because he spends more time with his girlfriend. Thats ok; We need to hang out more, like we used to when we were little.