The bush owns the house

As you know, it was very windy last night. Your probably thinking “Oh great, she’s going to talk about how a tree came down on her house…” Well I’m not. So get over it.
Last night I went to bed to my radio as always. Then the winds picked up and I hear a tap tap at my window. The neighbors motion detector turns the light on, which shines directly in my window.  The bush that sits on the side of the house next to my window thinks its going to tap on my window all night like it owns the place. I don’t think so.

So, while it’s all cold and windy, I go outside armed with nothing but fuzzy slippers and scissors. So now I’m soaked, ripping the branches off of that bush. Finally I think I destroyed the bush and went in to get a good night sleep.

Until I figure out that its 5:30am