Wednesday Night Classics

I would like to start off saying that I have a strong craving for Jolly Ranchers right now.

Wednesday Nights Classics is a car show that takes place every Wednesday night (obviously). It was originally founded by my dad and a few of his friends, and has been successful for the past decade. In the start of October, all the usual particapants (plus many others), go for an end of the year cruise. We drive a designated path through… wherever it is, until we reach a resturant called Seven Seas. This place has great food and a really cool view of the sunset. Here I have attached a link to last year’s pictures. You might  see a picture of Jason or me, but who wants to look at his ugly face?

So this weekend we are going to the same place and I am really excited. We might even get to bring Emily. :D I’ll take pictures to put on my blog… maybe.