As the hay bales burn

On Saturday, John John (a good friend and neighbor) and his dog, Zuess, came over for a little while. e and my dad talked for a while. Zuess was sniffing around the hay bales in the neighbors yard. They were keeping them for an above ground garden, even though they can’t be used again. The only thing they were good for was a mouse home. Zuess suddenly perked his ears up, staring at the hay bale. Here we were, standing here saying”Get the mouse Zuess! Get it boy!”, expecting a cute little mouse to come running out of that hay. We were very WRONG. He paws at it once.

And that’s all it took.

He sticks his nose in the hole, then jumps back, shaking his head. We all thought one thing:


Like a train coming out of a tunnel, bees shot out at Zuess. John John, yelling swats at the dog and start running with him to safety. My dad and I take refuge in the garage. When I look out, I see a cloud of bees hovering over the hay bale. It was so thick you couldn’t see through it. There was only one way to solve this problem.

That night we were pretty warm. It was a cold night too. We doused the hay with lighter fluid and set it ablaze. The hay  burned for a long time, and we had a great night. The thing is:

This was only Saturday.