I watched a deer die.

So this weekend I went to the campsite to close up our camper. We find out we have no electric, while every camper next to us does. We check everything. Cables, cords, whether lightning struck something or not, and we saw nothing out of the ordinary. So we finally look at our meter and found a black tag. Why would that be there? My dad paid the bill… what’s wrong? Long story short I we find out that the Fruitcake that we’ve been feuding with next to us had turned of our power as of August 10th. So anyway, coming home we see this deer run across the road. THEN, we see it slam into the windshield of this car and flip twenty feet in the air! We turn around and help the people out. It turns out that my dad knows the woman from high school! What a way to meet, huh? Well the good thing is that no one was hurt.

Except the deer. R.I.P