The bush owns the house

As you know, it was very windy last night. Your probably thinking “Oh great, she’s going to talk about how a tree came down on her house…” Well I’m not. So get over it.
Last night I went to bed to my radio as always. Then the winds picked up and I hear a tap tap at my window. The neighbors motion detector turns the light on, which shines directly in my window.  The bush that sits on the side of the house next to my window thinks its going to tap on my window all night like it owns the place. I don’t think so.

So, while it’s all cold and windy, I go outside armed with nothing but fuzzy slippers and scissors. So now I’m soaked, ripping the branches off of that bush. Finally I think I destroyed the bush and went in to get a good night sleep.

Until I figure out that its 5:30am


Wednesday Night Classics

I would like to start off saying that I have a strong craving for Jolly Ranchers right now.

Wednesday Nights Classics is a car show that takes place every Wednesday night (obviously). It was originally founded by my dad and a few of his friends, and has been successful for the past decade. In the start of October, all the usual particapants (plus many others), go for an end of the year cruise. We drive a designated path through… wherever it is, until we reach a resturant called Seven Seas. This place has great food and a really cool view of the sunset. Here I have attached a link to last year’s pictures. You might  see a picture of Jason or me, but who wants to look at his ugly face?

So this weekend we are going to the same place and I am really excited. We might even get to bring Emily. :D I’ll take pictures to put on my blog… maybe.


I have come to the conclusion that I need braces. My bottom teeth are all twisted and my molars are growing crooked. Apparently our insurance doesn’t cover that, so that won’t happen anytime soon. One thing is certain, though, I am not going into highschool with these ugly teeth.

I don’t know what color I should get for my braces. I was thinking purple, but I think I would come off as too obsessive. (I love purple) Black would be too… boring.



Half Happy Half Sad

I feel special, but at the same time kinda sad. When I texted Miloh about the situation, she seems… moody. Chloe’s being annoying too.

My brother is still being his annoying self, yelling at me like I’m a dog….


So Maria and I were scaring Chloe and to save her embarrassment I won’t go any further. Anyway, I was in the bathroom washing my hands when Maria decides to turn off the lights and scare me. She pops her stupid head in the doorway, yells and gets a fist in her face… now that wasn’t very smart was it?  She ended up bleeding and getting a fat lip. She got me back by throwing me on the floor and now my whole right side hurts.

I wonder what name Mr. Skonecki is going to give me now… probably Brutis or something…

Person of Interest

Last night I watched the first episode of “Person of Inertest”. I must say it was very, VERY, interesting. It’s about following people around with cameras and machines and stuff… but it made me think of how there is no privacy anymore. If you look above the intersections of busy streets, you see “traffic cams”. Who’s controlling them? The government.  GPS systems send waves to satellites in space. Who put them up there? The government. They can see exactly where you are, what you’re doing, how much your spending on your credit cards…They know where you are by tracking your cell phone. Really? I wish there was some way you could live your life or have a conversation without having a concerned third party.  By the way, I’m sitting here typing this at 9:30 at night so I don’t have to do it in the morning tomorrow. Well, today. Or a few minutes ago.

I’m confuzzled.


I have a punching bag in my basement and I use it occasionally to work out. Last night I hit it wrong and twisted my wrist the way it’s not supposed to. So now it hurts. Wonderful.

I got a much-needed haircut so you can actually see my eyes. I’m going to die my hair brown in a few months too.

Maybe I’ll blog throughout the day when I’m bored. Like updating a Facebook status.


I’m done. By far, not with school work. But with my mom. I can’t handle it any more. I’m done… If I  go missing on Monday you know why……

…and Miloh wont talk to me. I need help about highschool stuff… grrrr….

Pacer Test

I hate the pacer test. I don’t run, and my shoes will fall off if I try to. I always get nervous which makes it harder to breath. AND to top it off, I am sick AGAIN which also make it harder to breath. It’s ok. I can be like Angel, I ‘ll break my arm and say my feet don’t work either.